1 thought on “Mobile Design from the Bottom Up

  1. One of the key issues in my opinion is following a mobile-first design approach. This means that all designs grow from a mobile design. The best visual description I’ve heard of this is to think of the different levels as stained glass. The bottom layer of stained glass would represent the mobile design. From there, you might add a tablet-based design – this second level of stained glass could have a slightly different design from the bottom layer. These design changes would naturally cover-up the bottom layer as the different colors and shapes within the stained glass would block out the light from hitting the bottom layer in the same way, producing a different result. Of course, some of the light would indeed make it through to the bottom layer which means the layers of stained glass would look different by themselves, but also when stacked. This stacking process would continue onto each new layer, showing different designs through and all based upon eachother.

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