Speaking on Metro at Mobile Monday and XDDN in Melbourne in July

I’ll be speaking briefly about Metro design principles at Mobile Monday in Melbourne on July 16th.

I’ll have a longer session on Metro design at XDDN (Experience Designers and Developers Network) in Melbourne 2 days later, on Wednesday July 18th.


Switching On My Ears – Interaction 12 Presentation

Screenshot from presentation showing range of different user groupsAt Interaction12 in Dublin in February 2012, Shane Morris and Matt Morphett presented a case study on our work for a remote control device and user interface for recipients of Cochlear hearing implants and their carers.

In the talk we discuss the unique constraints of designing a physical device, and walk through the research, design and testing process.

You can watch the video here: Matt Morphett & Shane Morris: Switching On My Ears

Half-open Apps and Metro

imageIn the ‘good old days’ (last year) apps were only open or closed. Yes, those were simpler times.

Nowadays apps can be open, closed, dormant and all sorts of states in between. When it comes to user experience it’s our job to understand how an app behaves in various states of open-ness, and how the user experience transfers between those states.

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Speaking at Microsoft Campfire, Singapore

Microsoft Campfire April 13-14

I will be speaking at Microsoft’s “Campfire” event in Singapore on April 13. I will be talking about the role of prototyping throughout the project lifecycle, and also about working with the Metro design language on Windows Phone and Windows 8.

If you’re in Singapore come along and say “g’day”: Microsoft Campfire

Australia Post on Windows Phone: 25 Best apps

Australia Post Windows Phone app

Australia Post Windows Phone app

Our Windows Phone application for Australia post has been named in The Age’s “25 best Windows Phone apps”.

Working with Readify and the team at Australia Post, we were able to quickly generate a striking user interface that I think provided a nice balance between Metro styling and Australia Post Branding. Congratulations to all involved.


  • Readify – development
  • Australia Post, especially Adam Crapp – for visual design.

Download the Australia Post Windows Phone app

The UX Research Tax

Sometimes it’s hard to know how much up-front research to do when embarking on a User Experience Design project. User Research can sometimes feel “fluffy” and it’s not always easy to point out the links between design decisions made and specific findings from the research phase. Nevertheless, there is an argument for always doing some research – and that’s because every bit of user research makes you into a better designer overall, even if the immediate benefit to any one design project is less clear.

That’s the “UX Research Tax”.

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Speaking at WebDU in Sydney in May

WebDU 2011I’m looking forward to speaking at WebDU in Sydney in May.

The talk is entitled “The Metro Design Language and what it Means to you”. Microsoft’s “Metro” design language, currently focussed on Windows Phone, is moving to XBox, Windows 8 and beyond. I’ll be talking about what Metro actually is (Microsoft isn’t exactly clear), the challenges of applying it, its strengths and weaknesses and what it says about current interaction design trends.