20 Tips for Selling UX to Clients

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In this UX Mastery article, 20 UXers (including me) provide their tips for selling UX to clients. 20 Tips for Selling UX to Clients My tip is all about the importance of having a clear project plan. Particularly when adopting user experience design activities for the first time, it helps to have a plan which shows how the planned activities lead… Read More »20 Tips for Selling UX to Clients

Shane pictured in "Everyday UX"

Featured in “Everyday UX”

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Luke and Matt over at UX Mastery have produced their first book: “Everyday UX“. The book features a series of interviews with experienced User Experience practitioners, including me (Shane) as well as many of our friends and colleagues. For people starting out in User Experience, the book provides great insight into how user experience folk work, and what the heck… Read More »Featured in “Everyday UX”

Information is the UI in Windows 8, says design guru

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Here is a link to The Register’s wrap-up of Shane’s “How to be Authentically Digital” presentation at TechEd Australia in 2012. Information is the UI in Windows 8, says design guru Presentation For the presentation itself: How I Became Authentically Digital – An Introduction to the Windows 8 UI Design Language

3 of our Windows Phone apps featured in Nokia’s “Aussie Picks”

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We just noticed that Nokia’s “App Highlights” application for Windows Phone features 3 of our apps in the “Aussie Picks” section: Australia Post With Readify   Qantas With Built To Roam   Pizza Hut With Altaine Thanks Nokia! We think you have excellent taste.

Speaking about Metro at TechEd Australia

I’ll be giving two talks at TechEd Australia this year, both on Microsoft’s Metro design language. How I became authentically digital – an introduction to the “Metro” design language and Design and Layout for Metro style apps I’m also mentoring at the AppFest, in return for which Lachlan Hardy has promised me a hat. Totally worth it.

Speaking on Metro at Mobile Monday and XDDN in Melbourne in July

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I’ll be speaking briefly about Metro design principles at Mobile Monday in Melbourne on July 16th. I’ll have a longer session on Metro design at XDDN (Experience Designers and Developers Network) in Melbourne 2 days later, on Wednesday July 18th. Details: Mobile Monday: Mobile Monday Melbourne XDDN: How to be authentically digital – designing a Windows 8 Metro app

Half-open Apps and Metro

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imageIn the ‘good old days’ (last year) apps were only open or closed. Yes, those were simpler times.

Nowadays apps can be open, closed, dormant and all sorts of states in between. When it comes to user experience it’s our job to understand how an app behaves in various states of open-ness, and how the user experience transfers between those states.

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