“Story-based Design” at Web Directions Summit

This year was my first time at Web Directions for a while. Continuing my evangelising of scenario-based design, I gave a presentation entitled “Story-based Design” in the Design track. Here’s the blurb After many long hours of analysis you’ve finally distilled your weeks of customer research findings into a fine and beautifully presented set of personas. Look at them there… Read More »“Story-based Design” at Web Directions Summit

Design Research 2019 banner

Research Interview Bootcamp at Design Research 2019 in Sydney

Homaxi Irani and I are delivering a half-day “Research Interview Bootcamp” at the Design Research 2019 conference in Sydney on Wednesday March 13th. We’ll be focusing on building practical experience conducting interviews and getting the best outcomes from your time with users and customers. Here’s the blurb: Conducting effective research interviews is more involved than just sitting down for a… Read More »Research Interview Bootcamp at Design Research 2019 in Sydney

Research Interview Masterclass

This year I have been lucky enough to collaborate with the amazing Homaxi Irani to develop a new workshop on conducting research interviews with users and customers. User interviews are an invaluable tool early in any project to ‘get a read’ on the product vision and validate some of the key assumptions underlying it with real users and customers. We… Read More »Research Interview Masterclass

Scenario-based Product Design at UX Australia

I’m very excited to be running a half-day workshop on Scenario-based Product Design at UX Australia in Sydney in August this year. As you’ve probably worked out, Scenarios are a core part of my design toolkit, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and learning from the attendees in Sydney.

Scenario Based Design at UXSG 2016

I’m very honoured that my Scenario Based Design workshop has been accepted for UXSG in Singapore in September this year. Come along if you’d like to learn how Scenarios and stories in general can enhance your user experience design practice. I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends and new in one of my favourite cities. Action shot from… Read More »Scenario Based Design at UXSG 2016

From User Experience to Employee Experience – Talks in Canberra and Melbourne

I’ll be speaking at the ServiceNow user groups in Canberra and Melbourne in March about “Employee Experience”. While user experiences for consumer websites and apps routinely strive for user experiences that go beyond “merely usable”, too often organisations deploy software tools that, while “usable”, miss the opportunity to engage and empower their employees. I’ll be talking about how to go… Read More »From User Experience to Employee Experience – Talks in Canberra and Melbourne

UX is a Product, not a Process

Thanks to Dano Szuc and UX Hong Kong for inviting me to speak at UX Salon in Hong Kong on September 2. Here’s the blurb: “After many years of practical application, the User Experience Design lifecycle is reasonably well understood. While we do continue to explore and adopt new techniques, the core process and the activities involved are generally agreed upon… Read More »UX is a Product, not a Process

Microsoft #appfest and Chris Bernard Windows UX day in Sydney

Design keynote at #appfest Shane Morris will be keynoting Microsoft’s #appfest in Sydney on 16-17th of February. We’ll talk about the importance of tackling design up-front when building a Windows 8 or Windows Phone app. We’ll walk through some simple design tips and activities that will get you started for the 2 days of hacking. Shane will then hang around for the… Read More »Microsoft #appfest and Chris Bernard Windows UX day in Sydney

Prototyping presentation from Oredev 2012

The slides and video from my presentation on Prototyping at Oredev 2012 in Sweden are now up. Shane Slides Video Prototypes, Prototypes and Prototypes – and the differences between them. Abstract Scope creeping? Vision dissipating? Stakeholders disengaging? Team splintering? Specification ballooning? User experience rehashing? Application prototyping can help with these ailments and more by creating a common vision for team… Read More »Prototyping presentation from Oredev 2012