Desktop application design for Cochlear

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Detail from Cochlear tuning application user interface
Bionic hearing implant tuning application (Cochlear)

Automatic Studio worked with Cochlear Ltd in Sydney to assist with the user interface design for new-generation desktop tools to assist audiologists in the process of tuning bionic hearing implants.

The challenge was to design a navigation paradigm that streamlined the tuning process while still allowing audiologists the freedom to choose the most appropriate approach for any situation.

Working in an agile team over 10 months, activities included:

  • Persona creation for primary and secondary user groups.
  • Navigation design to support a more streamlined tuning flow.
  • Interaction design allowing clinicians to focus on the task at hand while still having access to a range of other tools and options.
  • Usability testing involving existing and new user groups.

UX Australia 2010 Melbourne: Audio and Slides from our presentation describing this project can be found at the UX Australia website: Defining the recipient journey: The role of software to support hearing restoration at Cochlear

Collaborators: Yas Nakano – Visual and Interaction Design

Credits: This work built on from foundation work by Different, and has been subsequently refined by Matt Balara.

Technology: Microsoft Windows, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Expression Blend