From User Experience to Employee Experience – Talks in Canberra and Melbourne

I’ll be speaking at the ServiceNow user groups in Canberra and Melbourne in March about “Employee Experience”.

While user experiences for consumer websites and apps routinely strive for user experiences that go beyond “merely usable”, too often organisations deploy software tools that, while “usable”, miss the opportunity to engage and empower their employees. I’ll be talking about how to go “beyond usable”.

Emplyee Experience - Attributes of good toolsHere’s the blurb…

When you look at the apps on your phone, and then at your enterprise software applications, does it make you sad?

The software applications we require people to use at work can have a significant impact on how employees experience their jobs, and yet the state of enterprise software design seems to have stagnated in recent years. While business applications are still struggling just to be usable, consumer applications (like the ones on your phone) have moved beyond mere usability to focus on creating user engagement.

In this short talk we’ll cover how to apply some basics principles of human behaviour and psychology to create software applications that your staff want to use, not just have to use.

Details here:

Thanks to the guys at UXC KEYSTONE for asking me to present.