Prototyping presentation from Oredev 2012

The slides and video from my presentation on Prototyping at Oredev 2012 in Sweden are now up. Shane


Prototypes, Prototypes and Prototypes – and the differences between them.


Scope creeping? Vision dissipating? Stakeholders disengaging? Team splintering? Specification ballooning? User experience rehashing?
Application prototyping can help with these ailments and more by creating a common vision for team members, stakeholders and customers.
Prototypes can be high fidelity or low fidelity, interactive or static, speculative or definitive. This session covers the role of prototypes to explore, evaluate and communicate your vision at each stage of the project lifecycle . We’ll talk about the pro’s and con’s of various prototyping techniques and tools, and how to save time, money and frustration by creating quick, early and visible prototypes throughout your project.