Research Interview Masterclass

This year I have been lucky enough to collaborate with the amazing Homaxi Irani to develop a new workshop on conducting research interviews with users and customers. User interviews are an invaluable tool early in any project to ‘get a read’ on the product vision and validate some of the key assumptions underlying it with real users and customers.

We have run the workshop twice now at Academy Xi in Melbourne in April and June 2018 and received heaps of positive feedback.

I was surprised when we sat down to map it all out by just how much stuff we wanted to squeeze into this 1-day workshop! We worked hard to find balance theory, practice and (my favourite bit) sharing our war-stories. Teaching gives me an opportunity to reflect back on past experiences and crystallise what I’ve learned from them – and what I’ll do better next time!

Get in touch if you’re interested in running this, or any other training workshops for your team!