Conceptual Design

“I have the initial ideas for a new application, service or product, and would like to start envisioning how the final product will work.”

Conceptual design services for digital products and services like software products, interactive devices, kiosks and touchscreens, internet applications and web sites. Concept exploration, research and facilitation.

User Experience Design

“I need help designing the user interface and surrounding customer experience for an interactive product or service.”

  • User experience design services for interactive digital products and services. Experience design, user interface design, information architecture, interaction design, user research.

User Interface Reviews

“I need help to determine if we are meeting customers’ and users’ expectations with an existing or proposed interactive product or service.”

  • User experience reviews, usability testing and user research.

User Experience Training

“I need training for myself or my team in designing user experiences that are usable, enaging and effective.”

  • User experience design training. Off-the-shelf or customised training in user-centred design, user experience design and usability.

Product Team Mentoring

“My team needs to build its user experience design expertise while working on the user experience for the current project.”

  • Team and individual mentoring and skills-transfer. On-the-job cross-training and mentoring of project teams involved in designing and creating interactive products and services.


“I am looking for an speaker who can generate excitement about the potential of next-generation interactive experiences and the advantages of embracing design in business.”

  • Conference presentations and keynotes. Presentations and seminars on design thinking and how to apply design thinking to the broader business, digital product design trends and user-centred design strategy and techniques.