User Experience Design – Team Mentoring

Build your team’s User Experience design capability

We have extensive experience mentoring, coaching and training teams and individuals in user experience design, and it’s one of our favourite things we do.

While we are always happy to help with formal training in user experience design, many of our clients engage us to mentor their teams ‘on the job’ – thus providing skills development in the most practical and cost efficient way – i.e. ‘on-demand’.

Mentoring can work in a number of ways. Often, a principal consultant visits the project team at regular intervals to review user experience and user interface design work in progress. Each session might cover specific changes to make to the current design, activities to perform before the next mentoring visit, or ad-hoc training on a specific topic or technique.

Build your UX skills on-demand

The great advantage of UX mentoring compared to classroom training is that skills are built while your product is built. Applying new skills to actual project work (rather than abstract classroom exercises) maximises retention, engagement and cost-effectiveness.

Contact us at info [at] if you’d like to discuss ways user experience design mentoring might support your product development team.